Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Review: Face Atelier Ultra Matte

Face Atelier is a make up company that believes  in you are your beauty icon.

FACE atelier believes in sophisticated, versatile makeup that simply works.  And works simply.

FACE atelier believes that the customer should be in control.  That's why Face atelier has Zero Plus and Zero Minus, which allow you to easily adjust your foundation shade. And eye shadows are sold individually with drop-in palettes available separately.

FACE atelier believes that brushes and other tools should be developed for maximum ease of use, without sacrificing performance.

FACE atelier believes in product – not packaging, as reflected in prices that are substantially lower than lines of similar quality.

FACE atelier believes in the ‘five-minute make-over’, as that is four minutes more than most women wish to spend on their makeup in the morning.

FACE atelier believes that woman should be able to simply look their best...

and FACE Atelier is against animal testing

Item Description

Price: USD 38 plus shipping fee

Ultra Matte is the first ever silicone-based spray mattifier that allows you to banish shine before, during and after makeup application without dulling the skin. Its revolutionary formula also contains optical blurring pigments that provide microscopic reflection, minimizing lines and wrinkles for an overall softer appearance.


· Perfect prep for oily skin - reduces shine while preserving the skin's natural finish

· Contains optical blurring ingredients that minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles

· Unlike powder, Ultra Matte won't build-up and is undetecable by the most sophisticated HD technology

· Preserves makeup as well as reducing shine

· Fragrance free - non comedogenic - 100% vegan


· hold bottle 12 - 14 inches away from face when spraying

· patience - it takes about 8 - 10 minutes to see full effect of Ultra Matte

· apply to clean, lightly moisturized skin before makeup is applied

· apply/reapply after makeup is done to entire face, or T-zone and other trouble areas

· use as needed throughout day as there's NO build-up

For the longest time I've been looking for products that would keep my oils at bay. I've tried most of the products I could get my hands on just to get that no oil look. But most of them only last a couple of hours and I'm back looking like a greasy frying pan. =P

So I found another product that promises to keep me away from the horrible greasy look. I actually purchased this item few months ago but because of the storm in NYC my shipment got delayed and I just arrived on my doorstep 4days ago.

 So  I would like to give you a simple review about FACE ATELIER ULTRA MATTE mattifying spray. 

I first saw Face Atelier on Gossmakeupartist  you tube and I though I'd really like to try this product.

With All this on its CV I was  SOLD but in a way a little hesitant, thinking that maybe FA Ultra Matte is just like any other brand that promises but never delivers. But I was wrong.

My vierdict: It really delivers its promise. I sprayed Ultra Matte once on my bare face waited for it to dry about 8 to 10 mins.(down side when used as a base)  Once it's dry I saw that my face looks fresh and no trace of oil. Amazing indeed yeah? But I still have to put on make up so that's another test. Then I started applying make up and then set it with another sprit of the FA Ultra Matte and waited for it to dry for another 8-10 mins and viola! 

Fresh, no greasy looking me! It's settles on my skin lightly too! 

I tested it how long will it keep me looking fresh and clean, and  for the whole day I only did minor blotting once and that is after 8hours!!!  That for me is a HUGE +! 

So for this review I think I'm hooked and I think I won't be without Face Atelier Ultra Matte Mattifying spray from now on. 

You can avail FACE ATELIER Ultra Matte at www.beautycornerph.com  



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