Monday, January 14, 2013


Today I'm gonna give you a simple review about Sleek Make Up Corrector & Concealer palette. 

Yes another Sleek Make Up to review I know. As you can see Sleek MakeUp is now my staple or go to makeup product for a year now. Love them to bits because they don't cost an arm and a leg like other brand. Product also delivers what it says. And with its mid range price? 
I can proudly say I can collect them all without hurting my wallet or even I don't have to smash my piggy bank just to get it.. =)

Anyway back to our review

Item Says:
The ultimate concealer palette containing a corrector, concealer and setting powder in one handy compact, perfect for on-the-go touch up's.
The brightening properties within the corrector give an instant lift to the eye area, whilst the concealer neutralises discolouration leaving you looking wide awake and flawless. Use the light setting powder to hold the concealer in place.
Both the concealer and powder contain SPF15. Price at 650.00 locally or USD 9.99 via Sleek Make Up UK.

All Sleek make up packaging are  sturdy. I love the matte black compact as its very elegant and sleek looking. It's flat that you can easily slip it on your bag pocket without a hassle specially if you need to do some touch up. It also has a mirror just like its blushes and iDivine palette that I really find it so convenient especially when I'm not in front of my vanity.  
Note : That I swatched this product on a  BARE face before I review
The corrector for the eye area is quite impressive. It's not too creamy and not too thick that I can easily apply and blend. I can also build how much product I want to put in your eye area. Doesn't give you that white film around the eyes as it blends well on skin. 

swatches: Corrector, Concealer & Light powder on my arm
The concealer is also good that I only need a small dab on to the palette to conceal the redness of my face, marks and imperfections. It's also not sticky and is very easy to apply.(I posted before that I despise sticky products)  I only use dabbing motion on to my face and the product blends in naturally. 
The only down side I see is using it on my bare face alone  I find out that it doesn't totally cover the dark marks around my lip but I'm sure it'll cover if I put on foundation first.   
The Light setting powder  blends on my skin instantly it doesn't give me that obvious powder  look dabbed on to my skin which I find it great. 

Over all I think Sleek make up impressed once me again with this palette and it's price. Great to use everyday as it doesn't feel heavy on skin and goo to keep inside my bag for minor concealing during the day. 



  1. Wow! I'm impressed! And the price is quite reasonable too, since you're getting three products in one palette. :)

    1. Me too. what I love about it is it's too thin that I can put on my small make up bag and bring it anywhere. . =)

  2. Hi, are you in Hong Kong? I have just moved here and want to buy sleek makeup products. Where do you buy them from or do you just order online? Thanks, Monique :)

    1. Hi Monique,

      If you're in HK . There's Sleek Make Up stall in Dragon Center in Sham Shui Po, Kowloon. =)

      I get mine straight from UK main office. =)


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