Monday, August 22, 2011

Tony Moly Part 2

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue. 
I can sing a rainbow... sing a rainbow.... sing a rainbow tune. 

This  OC02 yellow is so pretty reminds me of the yellow taxi cab from NYC. ha ha ha!

hmmm this OC01 is actually a red orange  shade in person but I'm not sure it's showing here though.

PT04 is like an avocado green but also gives you that elegant muted green color. 

Ha! This OC07 one is a funny color as it's like a 3D shade of pink. somewhat like glow in the dark pinkish color.  Love to wear this when the lights are out! ha ha ha!

This PT05 is another color that fails to show up. it's actually an aqua blue color but when I use no flash it shows like apple green. hahaha!

This PT06 blue is really in trend specially when you think about the Smurfs! ha ha ha!
 La la lalala... la..lalala....

This OC11 is what  I call the Yam nail polish! It looks delish!!!! 

Yes with these colors I can sing a rainbow tune!!!!


  1. Wow, this post makes me want to purchase TM's colorful pigments!=)

  2. nice the blue in time for smurfs ^_^

  3. Wow, such eye candy!!! Really reminds me of nips candies :)

  4. Nice colors! I love the yellow one! :)

  5. Thanks Gals! go collect yours na! ha ha ha!

    Ginawa ko daw silang collectibles! =))

  6. I like the PT04. I might purchase that on my next visit to Tony Moly.

  7. where can i buy TM polish? gaganda, the best


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