Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh My GOSH Part 2!!!

You know how I went gaga over GOSH polish last year.  And my addiction continues!!!! Why?

Look at these pretty colors!

Orange drop made my heart  beating fast

It's like a golden orange lava flowing on my nails! ha ha ha!

Red coral is bright red

it definitely says take me!!!

Pink rose 

Why do you still wanna know?

Oooh and this GOLD is a stopper!

Look at how hot that looks like! HAH!

Silver reminds me of halographic at the same time a disco ball

Time to party!!!!!

If you were in my shoes, would you let these pretty little paint bottles go? 

Yup I thought so too! Weeeeeee!!!!!

***I know you  want them too that's why I bought two sets of these. 
Gosh nail lacquers now available on my site. Http://


  1. Stunning. Lalo na yung pale gold. Parang liquid gold talaga sya in a bottle.

  2. Wow colors! I love the popping color

  3. @ Rae, yes one application lang solve na. a really nice color. ;-)

    @eyerin, I'm sure you'll rock some of the eye catching colors above. ;-)

  4. When you said pretty, you were right. They are all pretty :D

  5. Wow! You really have a great nail polish collection!

  6. where can i buy some of those glamorous polish... kaka inlove


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