Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love Ginger Tea

I'm not a fan of coffee or milk.  Ask me what do I prefer to drink  during ber months and on a rainy day like this? I'd say Ginger tea. It's refreshing and stimulating. 

Love the relaxing scent that keep my mind at peace. ha!

Well according to wikipedia

Ginger tea is usually used to prevent colds and to aid digestion, and also as a home remedy for nausea and sore throats.[citation needed] It also has a remedial effect on diarrhea and stomach ache due to low body temperature.[citation needed] It is purported to aid blood circulation.[5] Scientific studies investigating these effects have been inconclusive

Ginger tea is a beverage in many countries, made from ginger root. In China, the tea is made by boiling peeled and sliced ginger to which brown sugar is often added. Sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added to give a flavour. In Korean cuisine, ginger tea is calledsaenggang cha (생강차). It can be made either by boiling the ginger or by mixing hot water and preserved sweetened ginger. For the latter, sliced ginger root is stored with honey for a few weeks like jam.[1] In Japanese cuisine it is called shōgayu (生姜湯).[2] In Philippine cuisineit is called salabat and served in the relatively cold month of December.[3] From its main ingredient ginger tea derives a flavor that is spicy and stimulating.[4]

How about you what do you prefer to drink these days?


  1. i don't drink coffee either, it makes me palpitate. i like oolong and citron teas...

  2. Janelle, ha ha ha! We're the same! Coffee is a no no after 2pm. I get hyper and couldn't sleep at night.=)


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