Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Tony Moly Part 1

Colors!!!! Yes, Lots of colors to play around. 

OC04  is green leaf color . Its like the green of sprite in can shade. Refreshing in my eyes! ha! 

ND02 Haven't done any light shade lately so I have this  very light pink shade. 

ND03 so clean so easy to apply

TR07 is a decent nude color

ND05 is  lovely too

MK09 is good on a rainy day. I forgot about how gloomy it is the other day.

MK06 is a silky mint green

MK10 is also pretty. it reminds me of Nyx Lapiz on a paler shade.

PP03 is a green apple with a twist 

TR11 is a nice blue gray shade. 

TR10 is like  a dark gray color  which reminds me of gray cement. 

TR08 is a muddy gray color too.

Wait for more!


  1. lovely colors! So cute and neat! How much are these polishes? :)

  2. Hi Thanks sis!

    I got these from HK but Digital traincase told me they are also available locally for less than Php 100.00 each.

  3. I love all the grey-hued ones. Thanks for sharing. Now I know what to pick

  4. Joana, I love the TR11 as in. I think you'll love this one too.

    Rae, go go go get them na. The TR08, TR011, and TR10 reminds me of the Chanels n/p that I got khaki vert and Khaki Braun. They're not dupes but It's like they belong to the same shade base. ;-P

  5. ND05 looks so fresh and clean :)

  6. Yes it is Patz, And they are cheap too!!!!


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