Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lip Creams, Mattes and Sheers!!!

These past few months I love wearing Matte Lipsticks and Lip creams so today I'll show and share with you some of my favorite lip and matte lipsticks.

Top from Lto R Chanel Dragon,  NYX San Paolo, NYX Amsterdam, NYX Addis Ababa
Bottom L to R Bourjois  so delicate Lip creams I got 4 of them  

Hmmm... this photo seems blurry  so

Here you go. See all those creamy delightful colors? 
I love all of them as they give different finishes on my lips. They're are not drying on my lips too.  

The Bourjois ones have this rosy perfume smell so if you're not into that kind of smell maybe you could skip this. But If you don't mind it I think you're in for a wild lippie ride. =P

Then lately I ordered these NYX matte lipsticks from Digital Traincase.

Look at those creamy matte colors? Well don't let it scare you. These lippies are so easy to glide on your lips without making it dry. Love Tea Rose to bits!

And here are the Nyx Round lippie ones that I got from Digital Traincase few months back. 

I know my lip colors are almost on the same shade but  they're not all on the same finish. 

Yes ! They are Cream, Mattes and Sheers!


  1. They're matte but they all look creamy and not dry as compared to other matte lippies. Pretty colors. :)

  2. Thanks Sis! I second the motion! he he he!

  3. Hey there, could you tell me what the Bourjois shades are? Thanks! :)

  4. Hi loved those cream lipcolors.
    Can you please let me know the fourth shade from left in bourjois so delicate lipcream
    swatched on your hand?
    would really appreciate!
    thanks a lot!


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