Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beauty Supply!

Going back to my second home HK is like going to lala land! For only 3days of stay, I need to move fast to get my regular beauty supply for the next couple of months or more

Over hauls

My Chanel addiction  crept in fast once I step foot on the shop Nail polish Rouge carat Which I was thinking of using this January, RA Velvet lippie for a nude pink lips, Les Tendees De Chanel for a rosy cheek effect and hair mist which my H love to smell on me. 

Of course I'm a sucker for LUSH hair and body products so I got them too.They smell divine! 

A supply of facial sponge that would last me 3months and magazine & a book as I need some updating on my beauty regiment and fashion sense.

This is my sensible shopping spree. =P

Just to share with you my new year's accessories

New Year's shing-a-lings!



  1. Bongga ng new year! :)

    Pretty ng Chanel cheek product.

  2. Wow! 2 Pammy commented on my blog. Love it!!!

    Thanks you ladies looking forward to more of you on the blog sphere!

  3. i'm loving your beauty haul. must do the same before the week ends. btw, i adore your top

  4. i really really want to try lush out, you have lovely items here

  5. I love your shing-a-lings! And pants!
    I wish I had your beauty and fashion knowledge. I like makeup but I never know what to do with them or what to buy in the first place.

    PS. Visiting from Girltalk! :)

  6. Gees! Ladies, I'm so flattered by your comments.

    Lush made my new year smell yummy. my hair smells vanilla whipped cream ! hahaha!

    Erika, I'm not so good on clothes myself so I just stick to basics or what they called "classic style " and spice it up a bit so I won't be out of "trend" . =P


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