Monday, January 16, 2012

Review : Cyber Color EX Volume Waterproof Mascara Black

So you now how obsessed I am with mascara and so I'd like to give you more of it. 

now to lets tackle Cyber Color EX Volume mascara

What the product says

Cyber Colors Ex Volume Waterproof Mascara (Black) - Extra-lengthening, curling, volumizing and repairing 
Three secrets which enhance volume of eyelashes 
1) Extra Volume Formula contains Candelilla Wax Extract which enables the mascara wrap the eyelashes tightly and curl 75° upwards instantly. The unique formula also make the eyelashes look soft and volumetric. 

2) The Instant Dry and Waterproof Formula enable the mascara to withstand the melting action from water, sweat and sebum strongly. It provides a long lasting action for 18 hours. 

3) Vitamin B5(Panthenol)and vitamin E (Tocopherol) are added to nourish every single eyelash entirely. 

how to use it

1: After using eyelash curler, use the brush-side to wrap lashes to volumize.
2: then use the comb-side to curl and define the lashes. (Cyber Colors Eye Makeup Remover is highly recommended to remove the waterproof mascara effectively)

EUPHORBIA CERIFERA (CANDELILLA) WAX EXTRACT, Panthenol and Tocopherol (Vitamin B & E) 

The packaging is super sleek. It contains 8g. of a product. 
That for me is a plus. 

The Bristle is not like any other bristle as it has two sides. Flat with studs and the other with

small bristles.

At first look I though these style of bristles won't do me any good. They're short and flat as see it. but lo and behold they proved me wrong! Blimme! So sorry for down grading you Cybercolor.

The lengthening effect is superb and that volume is pretty impressive. It actually looks like I have false eyelashes on! That for me is another wow!

What else? Drying time is also a plus factor I don't have to worry about blinking too fast and end up with some products on my lower eye. No heavy feeling too.

hmmmm .... no wonder this product got a high remark on HK magazines as one of the best mascara in 2011.

Price HKD 128.00 per tube (Sasa price)

Lengthening and volume effect is impressive.
No need for false eye lashes on this one
No heavy feel 
No smudge

Flakes a little
Only available abroad or SASA website
Needs  an eye make up remover to take toff

Will i buy it again?  Yes but not too soon. =)  


  1. Oh yes, you are definitely on a mascara phase. Worse, these mascaras aren't locally available especially for use who do not have a "province". :D

  2. Pammy, I miss you!

    Me bad, I know right? But with Sasa's online shop I think some ladies could order them online. =)

  3. i have flakey mascara ;-(

  4. Tori, This one flakes a little too after drying but tolerable though. Easily clean. =)

  5. aww too bad this one is not available locally =(

    1. Order at Sasa. They ship internationally.

  6. Great post !!

    Follow each other ??


  7. Thnx for your sweet comment !!



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