Friday, January 27, 2012

Pammy Surprised Me!!!

3weeks ago ( I know it's long over due post but bare with me please). lol   

I got this beautiful package from  someone. Yes from some one I adore so much. I got a text message from Sol, that  she'll give me back my sample make up and that there's a package  that comes with it from THE POLISH POLICE herself Pammy!

Sweet massage from a dear friend.

And my eyes feasts on a glorious sight!!!Whoa! 

 I feel so special really. Thank God for good lady  friends who know what their girlfriends wants!

Now for the swatch! Yipeee!!!

BELIEVE, oh yes I believe I'll fall in love with this shade. It's glittery yes but opaque one glide of the brush and I'm at awe! 

 Clean  looking. The metallic finish is not  really on my face that I love to stare at it. 
Pammy knows that I'm a sucker of this color.

 RED RUBY SLIPPERS, this one is also a stunner.  Red dots are  easy to apply as they're soft and manageable.

 Look at that effect! Red sparklers wow!   Who wouldn't find this shade adorable.

Oh! Pammy you really made my day so perfect when I received these babies!  

Thank you your Hotness!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Accidentally posted this one I still havent posted the swatches. ha ha ha!

  2. You're so lucky to have a sweet and thoughtful friend. I love nail polish, too. ^_^


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