Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chanel Nail Lacquer Spring 2012

When I saw the photos of these Harmonie de Printemps Collection  on the internet. I told myself I will have them by hook or by crook. You see, I seldom travel these days and I don't have so much opportunity to shop. And so when I learned that my friend Pao is going to HK to fix their HKID card. I asked her a favor if she could score me one set of these babies.  

Thank goodness she understand me when she saw these collection too. 
And then the day came I got them. April May and June came in early! ha ha! And Ooohhh! She also gave me June as Birthday present! See how lucky I am? Thank you Pao!

Chanel Description 
Classic and trend-defining shades from the runways of Paris. State-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes nails as it delivers long-wearing, high-shine, chip-resistant colour. Applies evenly without streaking.

See their lovely colors? 

Love that floral shade

And now for theswatches:

April : sis a mauve red that translates GORGEOUS! The unusual color of reddish plum is really captivating. Mind you at first glance at the bottle I though I made a mistake on getting this boring color but hey! It'll be more of a mistake if I didn't. ha ha ha!

APRIL oh my sweet April, you look wonderful! 
This is more of a powder pink color. Reminds me of Pink carnation or a pink daisy. 
Super lovely.

Then came JUNE, yes I can't contest that this color is truly a summer color.  This one reminds me of the summer  peach fruit punch . Marvelous!

Chanel made their formulation very light and easy to apply.

 I love it!!!


  1. wow that pink is amazing

    1. They're all are. My jaw dropped after looking at these photos. =))

  2. omygosh!! lusting on them now! i like april the best!! :D

    1. Go Hazel, get april. I'm sure you'll love it. =))


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