Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Sleek Make Up Magnitude Mascara

Mascara for me is one of the most essential when it comes to make up application. It give's life to my chinita eyes and it makes my lashes thicker and fuller. Hmmm my eyes are what I can say the most expressive and sexy part of my body. Ha Ha ha!

So, today I'll give you a review about what mascara I've been using lately. You see, before I post a review on some products I do test the make up or skin care first for about a  week or so  before I could really tell or give my opinion if the product really is worth it or not. I don't just give it a second chance or third. I'd definitely would like to  give it a week long test runs. Ha! Well, that's just me. 

So Here's what Sleek Make up has to say about this product 

An innovative two step mascara which gives the illusion of false lashes.

The first step lengthens the lashes whilst the second step extends lashes across and upwards to create intense and dramatic lashes.

First apply one coat of the “Lengthening” white base to the lashes, wait for twenty seconds and then apply one coat of the black “Volumising” top coat. 2 x 6.5g 

With this in mind, I did just that

Step 1 : white to lengthen my lashes. (sorry for the crappy eyeliner I honestly didn't apply it properly this time. =P

Then  step 2  to give volume . Hmmm So far so good.  I  first I was hesitant abut this product as I though it would clump my lashes quickly but to be honest I was quite impressed because it didn't. With the right application you'll have no clump at all. And it doesn't feel rubbery on your lashes too. 

Taking it off was no problem too.  Cotton pad with cleansing oil will do it best or just warm water. It'll crumple without making you look like a raccoon! =P 

And so for the effect? 

A happy, sparkly eyed me!!!


*Waterproof Black 

* easy to apply
*cheap  for a good quality mascara USD6.00 or Php 370.00  a pop locally
* No smudge
*easy to take off with a cleansing oil or just warm water. 

* Only available onSleek Make Up website, Super drug in UK , at multiply or  bazaars locally

So, what mascara are you currently using? 


  1. lovely outcome.

    i currently alternate between 4-5 mascaras

  2. Tori, and I thought I was the only one playing around with 4to 5 mascaras.

    Mis Chievous, go ahead and make those beautiful peeppers pop! =)


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