Saturday, January 21, 2012

Product Comparison: Chanel de Horizon & Tendres de Chanel

As promised, here's my review for both items.

Chanel de Horizon
The luminous hues of sunset are now captured in one elegant highlighting face powder. Subtle gradations of rose, coral and peach can be applied on their own or blended together, to highlight and sculpt the face or achieve an overall warmth and radiance.


Chanel les Tendres de Chanel
This palette includes three blush hues and a face highlighter in subtle tender pink tones. Delicately iridescent, these alluring shades embellish the complexion and infuse the face with a soft and flattering glow.


Side by side each other there's a lot of difference between the two obviously 

Spring collection 2012
regular size of a Chanel blush and with small brush on a separate pouch  
has 5 shades
Combination of matte and shimmers
HK$ 540.00

Bought in Cathay pacific  inflight shopping
Packaging is like that of the powder foundation with brush inside
Has 4 matte shades
Hk$ 420.00

When applied I think the slightest difference of this two is the shimmer and that of Horizon somehow produces a slightly dark hues because of its only one darker tone.  But surely this can be attained by Tendres  when applied heavily.

swatches when applied
LEFT: Tendres     RIGHT : Horizon 

For me  both items are beautiful and supple on my skin.  I really can't choose between the two which one is my favorite  except for the price.

Tendres de Chanel  is HKD 420.00   while Chanel horizon is Hk$ 540.00. 

How about you? Which of the 2 would you like? 


  1. My eyes immediately went to Tendres. For some reason, Horizon isn't calling my name no matter how many times I check out reviews and swatches for it. :)

    1. Yup, I first acquired Tendres and it is love at first glance. =))

  2. both very nice and subtle looking blushes, great review

    1. thanks Tori, yes they bothe are. that's why make up addicts are going gaga over them .=)

  3. it's so tempting ! tendres too for me


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