Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Green By Nature Lip balm

When it comes to organic stuffs, I'm not really a sucker of it but I intend to make them my own, as you know I do that with Amber Lights Laguna or get them if I get the chance.

For this, I would like to introduce to you

Bought it in US for only USD 3.99 if I remember it right or less. 


I Made this part bigger so you'd see what I really like most out of this brand. 
Rose hip oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter and Macadamia nut oil are rarely combined in one product so I got so excite about it. =)

I also love that the product is sealed with tamper evident seal not just to make sure that the item was not used but also to seal in that fresh balm inside to  ensure that the product is fresh & undisturbed.

I also spell " NATURAL" in very corner of it. =)

I'm trying this at the moment and so far it made my chapped lips much better after using most of the time matte lipstick. 

Yup matte ones give me a hard time to take off which makes my dry and chapped;  I could use  some tinted lip balms you see, but I'd rather use Green by Nature  because of its natural  oil contents.  =) 

Well that's a nice surprise isn't it?  


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