Sunday, July 17, 2011

Banana Republic Nail Lacquers are love love love!

Got these babies on sale at Banana Republic during my trip to US. At 2 for 10. I'd say it's a good buy.

Pink About it- Oh! I think I went back to my childhood days when I saw this color. 
This one I'm sure will be a hit with my pink lippie. 

Honey Moon has that muddy brick orange shade that I love. It doesn't shock my eyes as to other orange colored lacquers that I've encountered. Very sophisticated.

Lucky In Love this one has a bloody red consistency. It doesn't have a blue undertone at all.
 I love it on my tips.

Tickled- very clean looking polish. Mind you this is my first  no streak experience!
 4 stars to  Banana Republic! 

If I have the chance to get more of these Banana Rep lacquers I will!!!


  1. I'm in love with Honey Moon!!!!! I must hunt these down!! <3

  2. cool! i didn't know BR sold nail polish...

  3. Pammy, super love. somekinda unique ang shade.

    Janelle, yup I was also surprised when I saw them I only knew clothes and accessories from BR but never lacquers. ;-)

  4. first time to know din that they have nail lacquers, ganda!!!

  5. Honey Moon and Lucky in Love for me!!!

  6. All these colors are very flattering on your skin tone... But I love Honey Moon the most. I'm into reds lately.


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