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Globe PowerRoam and BDU are Both Pain in the Arse!

People who wanted to be in touch to their loved ones all the time exert all effort and find all ways to make a connection to their families and friends.  May it be through computers or through phone. We're happy that Blackberry together with BIG philippine telecommunication companies like GLOBE gives that both services, BUT of course it comes with a price. 

I'm a frequent flyer and so I sought after good deals on how to use BB services with  minimum charges. 

I always use BDU every time I go to HK. But on our schedule to go to US I  noticed that there was no offer of BDU services going to the said destination. Then my friends told me about POWER ROAM.

I went to Globe's Power Roam website and here's what it says. 

As per their website this is how you can enjoy Power Roaming

Spending your holidays abroad shouldn’t keep you from constantly getting in touch with your loved ones at home. And with POWERROAM, the latest International Roaming service from Globe, you’ll no longer worry about steep roaming bills again!
For as low as PhP499 per month, you can call, text, and surf in 15 selected countries — Hong Kong (CSL), Singapore (Singapore), USA (T-Mobile), China (China Unicom and China Mobile), Thailand (AIS), Malaysia (Maxis), Macau (CTM), Canada (Rogers), Australia (Optus), Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile), Indonesia (Telkomsel), India (Bharti Airtel), United Kingdom (UK Vodafone), South Korea (SK Telecom), Saudi Arabia (Mobily) — and enjoy as much as 75% savings on roaming rates. That’s up to 3 call minutes more, 15 text messages more, and 50 emails more!
But if you still can’t get enough of POWERROAM, you can also avail of two other plans, which are affordably priced at PhP999 and PhP2999. All plans are fully consumable and valid for 30 days.
So, how do you start using POWERROAM?
That’s easy. If you’re a Globe postpaid plan subscriber, all you have to do is simply register via text here in the Philippines or abroad*.

Text POWERROAM  and send to 2884.**
Sample to send to 2884: POWERROAM 499 01/01/11
For more information about POWERROAM, text POWERROAM INFO to 2884.

*Roaming rates apply for registrations abroad.
**No need to indicate the date for same day activation.

Good deal isn't it? 

So June 9 before departure I applied my number for the POWER ROAM 2999 and it was granted right away. Great! 

3 days later I got a message that I've already consumed 50% of it.(sorry text wasn't showing up anymore so I couln't take a pic) And I waited a few days  for Globe to inform me that I've fully consumed my power roam so I could apply again. But nothing came. 

As the days passed by I couldn't wait to receive any text from Globe,  again to inform me that Power roam was  all consumed.  But still nothing. 

And so I put the decision on my hands and applied for it. 

notice that I applied for the 2nd PR  but there were no answers (that's why there were no gaps inbetween texts)

2nd attempt still nothing

3rd attempt I got one but I the one I was expecting.

I tried other venues

asked for infos

and help but still no news if I already consumed my first PR. 

or if my request was granted.

continuously I tried  and  to get a proper answer but still no avail.

at this point I was really disappointed on GLOBE

On my last attempt, I stopped and  thought maybe my application was over lapping so I sent POWER ROAM OFF.

and the answer was very very helpful Globe!!!! (look at what answer I got above)

I arrived in Manila June 28 2011 but still no confirmation up to date that my power roam was granted nor  consumed. 

June 30, I  while I was at ATC I could get any thing from my BB. No text, no call, no nothing. And since I was  already at the mall I said I'd better go to Globe to ask whats going on. 

I talked to a Lady Sale Representative  and I was informed that my line was cut due to my over billing of Php 27,000.00. I was so shocked and I told her that I haven't received any billing for the month of June yet. And that my bill  is always out on the 10th of every month.

For that she told me she couldn't do anything until she sees the latest statetment.  At the back of my mind this is rediculous ! Here I am trying to do the right way  but GLOBE Service Center couldn't do anything  to help.

I told her about my Power Roaming application issue. She was willing to help me so she got all the same information as above and said she'll try to reconnect my line until such time that I receive my bill and asked me to come over the office as soon as I get the statement. 

Okay I said, I'll do what you asked me but kindly take note of my complaint. We agreed on it and I left the Globe Service Center with a reconnected line.

Today, I got my bill and it's a F**king sky rocketing  35K!!!! With 3 Power Roam 2999 charges + Blackberry Charges of  almost  15k! What in the world was that????

And oh we're not yet done there huh. A few days after I wen to Globe SC, I went to Hong Kong for 5 days with my hubby. So I applied for BDU 40 which is good for 5 days.  On my mind I thought maybe I won't have any problem with this one since I already know how it works. And so far it hasn't given me so much headache.

Here's what  they offer

Those who will travel to Hong Kong (CSL), Singapore (Singtel), Thailand (AIS), Malaysia (Maxis), Macau (CTM), Australia (Optus), Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile), Indonesia (Telkomsel), India (Bharti Airtel), and South Korea (SK Telecom) – won’t have to worry about your bills when you came home, because you can already avail unlimited mobile data roaming at your destination with the following cheaper flat rates:

US$ 10 for 1 (one) day
US$ 27 for 3 (three) days
US$ 40 for 5 (five) days

To enjoy the service, you’ll need to signup for Bridge DataRoamUnlimited by sending SMS to 2884 (either here in the Philippines or abroad) using the following format:
BDU[space]Country[space]Denomination[space]Start Date mm/dd/yy

For example, if you want to stay in Singapore on February 1-3, 2011 and want to avail Globe Telecom’s unlimited data roaming for 3 days – just key in:

BDU Singapore 27 02/01/11

and send to 
If you want to activate the unlimited data roaming service on the same day you signup, you don’t need to indicate the start date in the SMS format. That means you’ll just have to key in:

BDU Singapore 27

and send to 2884

Note that if you signup for the unlimited data roaming while in abroad, your account will be charged for the transaction using the current roaming rates. So it’s better to signup while you’re still here in the country to avoid additional charges. 

This unlimited mobile data roaming from Globe Telecom is country-specific. That means if you happen to travel from Singapore to Thailand and your subscription is still active in Singapore, you’ll have to signup a separate plan for Thailand following the same steps above. 

so here I am once again. 

note that I applied on July 8 Friday and  approved on the same day.  and it says it will expire on the 12th of July which is fine because I'm back in Manila by then. 

so I'm not ecpecting any more charges.

and that I can relax a wee bit 

But no my dears,  together with my PR issue. There's an inclusion of my  BDU 40 USD ( php 1,548.74 which I expected ) and  a non expected Blackberry Services of Php  2.213.28! 

What's happening here?

Where is the unlimited data roaming of BDU?

What's going on with Power Roam?

You give good promos and excellent advertisements but POOR on service!

Globe Telecoms, Please tell me what happening to you?  


  1. Awww, that's awful service from Globe indeed! =(

  2. True Blackshirt13, what's more irritating and funny was even the people inside Globe Service Center didn't know what Power Roam and BDU were?

    I have to ask the SA to look it up on their website yesterday, so he could relate to what I was talking while I discuss him the matter.

  3. Don't pay the charges til Globe explains itself. What type of customer service is that anyway? I had an overchargin experience with them before but with their ITXT promo. I've noticed that they usually have problems like these when they have a new promo starting. I complained for months and didn't pay a cent for the extra charges. After 4 months of constant complaing, I finally went to our HR online forum (forum of HR personnel working in the RP), was fortunate enough to have met a big shot Globe HR person there who assisted me til the whole bruhaha got done. And yes, I only paid what was due me. =D

  4. Hay!!!!! This is really making my head spin my friend.

    Until now globe hasn't done anything about my complaint. I've been working closely with the CS manager in ATC but somehow he only managed to deduct a small amount on my bill. Poor guys he's getting all the pressure while his company is not moving their ass to help out.

    Their technical service sucks big time!!!! I don't think these tech peeps know that promos are on to their system. Because if they knew about it once they see my billing they would easily determine where did they go wrong.

    Today, I woke up with a cut line. So that mean I'll have to pay another visit at Globe CS ATC branch!!!!

    This is my 4rth visit in a span of one month with GLOBE!!!! Susme kulang nalang maging consultant na nila ako dun! ano ba!!!!!

  5. Oh no, can you tell me what you did? Did Globe eventually decide to waive the charges since you were availing of the services they offered that were aimed to make connecting with loved ones here while online "affordable"? I have loved Globe but due to a recent incident, I'd really like to have all Globe subscribers in my family and friend circles cut off their subscription!!

    Here's what happened:

    I went to Thailand last month and while there, I registered to their BDU service incrementally for three days since I wasn't sure if it was going to work on the first day. When my statement came in, I was only expecting an additional 1200++ charge for BDU, but to my surprise, Globe is charging me 134K for data services that I used abroad while registered to their BDU service. :|

    Any advice on what should I do? What happens if I don't pay? Will I get sued or worse, arrested? I really have no plans of paying 134K for phone and internet charges that I avoided in the first place by registering to BDU.

    I hope for your reply. And any input will really be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  6. ^Oh dear. This happened to me too. I went to Thailand for a holiday for 5 days. Since I needed to send something work-related via email on my first day there, I decided to avail of one of their power roam plans (499). No one called me up; I didn't make any calls and I had only made three to five text messages to the Philippines (and that was on the third to fifth day). Few days after getting home, I receive an SMS that they're charging me 15,000 for roaming services they're telling me I used abroad. I yet have to receive my bill for this month but I already called up Globe regarding this issue. I'm interested to know what happened to yours. Your problem made my issue with Globe sound like child's play. I hope you're okay.

  7. Same thing happened to me power roam 999 activated before I left for Singapore. When I got back I receive a text indicating my running balance of 31k. Called globe and filed a service case for the charges. Globe called 10 mins after and the CSR suggested that I show all text messages received from the power roam service. It turns out charging for power roam is not in real time. This incident makes me want to switch to their rival network. In the 10 years I've used Globe this is the only time I felt cheated.


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