Monday, July 25, 2011

Bourjois Oh So Shine Paris Show Time Collection



Bright, block colours are what the fashion editors are all talking about! We are right on trend with our new radiant nail collection – a “must-have” for the ultimate high-fashion colour blocking look!
Our colourful and trendy nail enamel shades are the key fashion accessory to match every outfit and brighten up your day!
The formula is enriched with vinyl for an ultra-shiny lacquered result! Forget the sparkles and shimmer, our pure lacquered shades offer smooth and radiant colour.

I'm sure they do. Look at these beautiful fresh colors! I heart stopped for a while when I saw them on the stands of Watsons. I wasn't able to get a good photo while I was in watsons last week and so 
 I've taken from Bourjois FB page. lol

From L- R Jaune Trendy 39,  Rouge Fashionista 41, Bleu Model 44, Violet Couture 40, Orange Creation 42, Lime Catwalk 38 and Magenta show 43

As much as I really wanted to get all these beautiful colors I was only given the chance to get 2 on this collection. As to why? You'll soon find out.  LOL

On this collection the only thing I wasn't able to get  that I really really like is the Bleu Model 44 which I  think was immediately snagged before I arrived in Watsons Ferry Pier. Argh 

Anyway, here are my two lovely haul. 

Jaune Trendy is one my favorite.
 Aside from being the IT color this summer it also reminds me that I can take the sun anywhere  and anytime I want.   

The mustard  yellow tone is also not too overpowering. it also reminds me of  American Apparel Nail polish Manila thought this one  easier to apply.

Then comes Lime Catwalk ! Woot !
A nice  light , creamy green shade that I think is a good shade to cool me up during this summer heat

Aside from Lime green this shade reminds me of  green apples and new grass on spring too. 

Ah Bliss!



  1. The yellow is truly a SHOW TIME color. I like.

  2. Oh, they're all so pretty! I want one, too. Haha.

  3. I didn't know that mustard yellow would look good on nails... but it did on you. ^_^

  4. Thanks Rae, This yellow is really eye capturing.

    Joana, you can't resist them noh?

    Chew, before I was hesitant on wearing such shade but now I love it! lol


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