Monday, July 4, 2011

want more NYC nail polish!

Grabbed these beautiful bottles from Target during our trip in US, thinking that maybe I could paint my nails on a not so busy day. But nope I wasn't able to do them due to hectic sched. And so they were tucked away and waited until I arrived home in Laguna.

L to R is Black Lace Cremee, Starry Silver Glitter, Pink Promenade, Skin Tight Denim Creme, Taxi yellow Creme.

Before I tried all of them I searched for review about NYC nail polishes and I saw that most of the girls who tried them were not happy about this product and so I told myself for US$ 0.99 what do I expect.

Anyway, here's what I can say

I like Pink promenade creme as it is a vibrant pink but not too shocking as other vibrant pink that I know.

Skin Tight Denim creme only took me one application to show off that shiny chrome finish. 

Black Lace creme took me about 3 to 4 coats before it should its true color. 

And Taxi Yellow  took 3 coats to  cover that streaky effect. Well most of the light shaded n/p's  that I have are streaky anyway so streaks are not new to me.

Starry Silver  Glitter is nice as the glitters are not big for my small nails. 

So here's my NYC skittles!!!!


*No foul smell unlike other cheap products that I've tried before. Love Love Love!
*Quick drying
*No chipping for 3days in a row of cleaning, washing and scrubbing.
*Cheap  $0.99/ bottle

*Not locally available
*Needs 2 to 4 coats to show off their color


  1. love!!!! ang ganda ng yellow!

  2. Danda di ba? I wonder if Taxi Yellow is a cheaper dupe of Chanel Mimosa? hmmmm....


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