Friday, July 15, 2011

Find myself liking NYX Nail polish!

I bought some NYX nail polishes about 3 months ago to my friend  digital traincase but never had a chance to use or even swatch them as I became too preoccupied with so many things. 

Anyway, today I had the leisure of playing with them. You know I love light colored polishes rights? So first I did.

Drop of Dew- Nice pale pink finish  Love the clean color on my tips

Bella is a soft barely there pink finish that I think I'm going to sport it more often.

Pink Note is really pink for me

Lastly Lapis - oh! It's love at first sight.

There was a nice feeling when I put these polishes on. The brush glides smoothly and the bristles fans out without a problem. Surely I got streaks on the light colored ones but that's expected to all light colored polishes correct?

What  I also love about NYX polishes is  that aside for the fact that it belongs to a considered cheap brand, it doesn't have that awful smell  that I usually get from the other brands on the same category. 

Hey! For a Php 150.00 a pop I think it's good enough.  hmmm....  what more can you ask for, right? 


  1. Love Bella! Is that 2 coats, Kumz?

  2. I love NYX! And I love Sol! And you of course! :D

  3. i really like that bella shade but in my experience i need to layer on 3 coats to get that even, non-streaky effect...

  4. I should really try nyx polishes soon. Love the pink note.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @Patty, i think I use 2 coats here but the 2nd one is much thicker.

    @Pammy, and I love you all. ;-)

    @Janelle, my technique is to put on a thicker layer on the second and the third. :-)

    @ringkingking, try them you won't be sorry. Cheap but delivers! ha ha!

  7. I bought my nyx girls polishes for 90 only on hand and pre-order yun laki ng price difference from other sellers


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