Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review on Fairy Drop Mascara

I told you on my  HK haul that I really I got curious of Fairy Drop mascara, for this has been the most requested item on my every pre order batches. Totally curious that I bought 2 more of them while I still have one in stock on my drawer.  I bought this one few months ago but it never call me out so I didn't use it. hmmmm....Or  maybe my attention was not really on make up for the last few months that's why. 

Anyway,  I got the order again and this time  it reminded me to see what the rave is all about. 

here ia nice cute packaging of Fairy drop.  

Look at that brush! ha ha ha! Its so cute! I love that the bristles were not clump to each other and that there's not too much ink that comes out of the tube when I pulled the wand out . 

Here is my first application,  my inner lashes look  clump but actually they're not,  see the volume on those lashes? nice right?

here on my 2nd and final coat noticed that my lashes were not curled up but I don't really mind because I don't use those eyelash curlers often anyway.  I want my lashes to be at ease at all times. Or easy to say I'm so lazy to curl my lashes! lol 

FAIRY DROPS Mascara’s brush is particularly designed. Lumpy brush ensures perfect contact with every lash for volume, curly and no clump eyelash look.

Water-proof formula works to resist water, sweat and sebum. Long-lasting wear is guaranteed.

The only problem I get from Fairy drop is that It wasn't easy for me to take it off. I need a make up remover or eye make up remover just to melt it off.  Other than that? No problems. no raccoon eye, no clumping and no shedding of lashes. 

Hey! This baby is only Hk$98.00 equivalent to Php 588.00 per tube. 

And compared to  one of the high end brand I used lately? I'd rather have this!  


  1. Nice review. Even though you didn't curl your lashes, I can still see the difference it made, like it somehow curled them just a bit. :)

  2. Thanks Pammers! Now I know what the rave is all about. :-)


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