Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Shop and I Conquer!

Going back to Hong Kong (2nd home)  is never complete without hoarding  the stuff I want. I admit I don't always go out when I'm home in Philippines. But when you bring me to HK I'm not the same person you know back there. LOL! I transform from home buddy to a shopaholic! Blame it on the H. hahahahaha!   

Anyway, here's my conservative (daw) haul from my last trip
Yummy nail polishes (I'll swatch them tomorrow promise)

Batiste Dry shampoo- hope this one works for me.

GOSH Natural touch foundation finally I've got one on my shade!!! Hurray! 
I've been longing to try this one since  last year, but my shade is always out of stock every time I visit my fave shop .   

The Bourjois lip cream  these babies looks promising!

 Ooh these are travel size nail files I got from a pharmacy shop. 

Of course I won't go home without my  MAC- Tried to pass on some MAC make up collection lately but I always get one or 2 nail polish if they are available. 

Tony Moly  Peeling Liquid this one promises to take off some stubborn dry skin on you soles and reveal your baby skin. We'll see if it will live up to its claim.

Fairy drop Mascara- 
Again,I got curious about this because  lots of my clients order this from me. Hmmm... lets try it and see if it works.  Hopefully it won't smudge on me. 

Noir Blanc Instant Clean Polish Remover just incase I ran out of my currently fave

Chanel Lip Lacquer Dragon, 
Matte Lumier Foundie, 
Coromandel nail lacquer 
and Giorgio Armani Fabric Blusher #5

Scholls Party feet  Blister Plaster. 
This I always have in my Bag just in case I wore the wrong shoes or I walked a lot of miles and damage my skin.  This comes in very handy.

It this thats about it folks. 

Tune in for some reviews on these babies soon!


  1. The Fairy Drops mascara got me intrigued, please do update us about it sis. =)

  2. Will do review on Fairy Drop soon sis. =)


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